[Dshield] Is this normal?

Mercy Mercymail at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 23 00:14:28 GMT 2002


I'm acutually using win 98.  I didn't think it did auto updates.  I've
always done my win updates manually.

Perhaps it's win media player?  I know it searches for updates, but i
thought i had turned it off.

Guess it's no big deal anyway.

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> At 01:22 AM 6/22/2002 -0400, Mercy wrote:
> >The firewall has blocked Internet access to
> ><http://www.microsoft.com>www.microsoft.com ( (ICMP Time
> >Exceeded) from your computer.
> >
> >Occurred: 4 times between 6/21/02 5:27:16 PM and 6/21/02 5:28:02 PM
> >
> >I'm assuming that a microsoft program tried to look for updates?  Why did
> >it happen so many times?
> Ah, enlightenment for the cost of a question.
> If you are using XP, the AutoUpdate service periodically phones home to
> check for updates. It's smart enough only to try when an Internet
> connection exists. However, the program presumes that a network problem
> exists when something like ZoneAlarm steps on its request and continues to
> periodically retry.
> You cannot disable the service; you can only disable the client. Check out
> this article for more information:
> You can turn off the client and "do it manually" or let ZoneAlarm allow
> activity. If you run Component Services
>          Start - Administrative Tools - Component Services - Services
> Right click on "Automatic Updates" in the services pane and select
> Properties. On the Property sheet you'll see the startup command, which is
> what you'll need to feed to ZoneAlarm to allow it to passthough the
> If that doesn't do it for you, please always feel to ask.
> cdv
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