[Dshield] Is this normal?

Antti Tolamo Usenet at linux.tola.org
Sun Jun 23 12:36:55 GMT 2002

Viestissä Sunnuntai 23. Kesäkuuta 2002 03:17, kirjoitit:
> I've heard the same things too, Antti.  About MS programs 'calling home' so
> they can see who's using pirated software.  Never knew if it was true or
> not, still not sure, but i believe it's likely. (knowing MS after all and
> all the things they try to do).
> I saw on Tech TV about how MS wants to make a way so that if you're running
> a MS OS, you can only use MS software products.
> I'd definetly switch to linux then. (Still would like to switch to linux,
> but that means i'd have to give up so many programs i use that aren't made
> for lin.)
> Sorry for rambling,
> Mercy

No problem, like you see, I do it a lot , ;)

I love linux myself, but migrating to it is a long time
project.  Don't get ne wrong I'm not talking against
linux, I just warn that it needs more skills and tiime
to learn well. Otherwise it can be more insecure
than Windows. Linux  really needs to be controlled & configutred
 by console, despite somebody might claim otherwise.
Understanding what one does, is more important in linux than
in Windows.

've used same  linux  setup about one and a half year, and I've
never needed to install it again during that time.
Infact, I've changed motherboad. changed file system on hard disk, and 
upgraded whole system to better kernel with all new system files without
a problem.  It is also a internet server with lot of multimedia capabilities
and has been 24/h  online without no problems. Rock solid, far
as I'm concerrned.

In mean time, I've had to re-install Windows 2000 about 2-3 times. My
observation is that Windows 2000 has the same flaw as all Windowses:
in 6-9 months installing it againi becomes mandatory. And Linux feels
and seems to do most things moreo quickly than Windows, it is far less 
resource hungry, But Windows is easier to end use at average, what comes to 
configuring hardware and installing software..  

Sorry for rambling again.


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