[Dshield] OT - to Antti - Is this normal?

Mercy Mercymail at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 24 06:37:50 GMT 2002

I'd like to set up a dual boot, so i can run my win & linux together.

I have linux-mandrake somewhre around here.  I bought it a few years ago.

Seems that linux people don't like to help newbies.  They tell you to read
the linux pages, and I have, but how the heck am i supposed to know how to
do it unless i'm looking at the OS on my desktop?

Oh well.... one day i'll get it sorted out ;)


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> Viestissä Sunnuntai 23. Kesäkuuta 2002 03:17, kirjoitit:
> > I've heard the same things too, Antti.  About MS programs 'calling home'
> > they can see who's using pirated software.  Never knew if it was true or
> > not, still not sure, but i believe it's likely. (knowing MS after all
> > all the things they try to do).
> >
> > I saw on Tech TV about how MS wants to make a way so that if you're
> > a MS OS, you can only use MS software products.
> >
> > I'd definetly switch to linux then. (Still would like to switch to
> > but that means i'd have to give up so many programs i use that aren't
> > for lin.)
> >
> > Sorry for rambling,
> > Mercy
> No problem, like you see, I do it a lot , ;)
> I love linux myself, but migrating to it is a long time
> project.  Don't get ne wrong I'm not talking against
> linux, I just warn that it needs more skills and tiime
> to learn well. Otherwise it can be more insecure
> than Windows. Linux  really needs to be controlled & configutred
>  by console, despite somebody might claim otherwise.
> Understanding what one does, is more important in linux than
> in Windows.
> 've used same  linux  setup about one and a half year, and I've
> never needed to install it again during that time.
> Infact, I've changed motherboad. changed file system on hard disk, and
> upgraded whole system to better kernel with all new system files without
> a problem.  It is also a internet server with lot of multimedia
> and has been 24/h  online without no problems. Rock solid, far
> as I'm concerrned.
> In mean time, I've had to re-install Windows 2000 about 2-3 times. My
> observation is that Windows 2000 has the same flaw as all Windowses:
> in 6-9 months installing it againi becomes mandatory. And Linux feels
> and seems to do most things moreo quickly than Windows, it is far less
> resource hungry, But Windows is easier to end use at average, what comes
> configuring hardware and installing software..
> Sorry for rambling again.
> Antti
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