[Dshield] OT - to Antti - Is this normal?

Antti Tolamo usenet at linux.tola.org
Mon Jun 24 15:33:11 GMT 2002

At 02:37 24.6.2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I'd like to set up a dual boot, so i can run my win & linux together.

I'm not expert in this matter, sorry. :(
I've deliberetaly tried to avoid dual booting with linux and
Windows, so I've never really looked how it is done.
Done it, but I also once created quite mess with it once.

Be careful, and read the documentation _well_ when doing
dual booting  and don't do something if you aren't really sure what you're
doing. Otherwise you may have to reinstall Windows too.

>I have linux-mandrake somewhre around here.  I bought it a few years ago.

I'd recommend getting newer.  It can make a big diffrence what hardware is 
Newer kernel versions have more and better support than old ones.

Like  Laura already advised, if you can, burn CD's of newer versions.

>Seems that linux people don't like to help newbies.  They tell you to read
>the linux pages, and I have, but how the heck am i supposed to know how to
>do it unless i'm looking at the OS on my desktop?

Quite right. It's 'caveat emperor' with linux. Use at your own
risk and nobody is responsible if something doesn't work
or is supported. And not all the documentation is well written
or informative either. It varies, entirely depending who is the

And if one asks stupid and elementary questions,  it's
sometimes good reason to flame somebody. Linux definetely
is good OS with impressive track record and I've atleast managed
to get most things to work,  but not all it's supporters are
mature persons with ability to
support newbies.  I guess it is a sort of trade off to fact
that so many technically skilled people collaborate: they're
aren't used to teach and share their information to layman
but only to program and discuss on their level. And I can
somewhat  understand because there much to know about linux,
and it is a pain in the ass sometimes to get things done. Thus
there may not be lot of patience there to answer really simple
questions that seem to be obvious.

But it's also a damn big obstacle what comes to helping
linux to spread. There is not much sense to use
OS if you don't dare to ask simple(even stupid)
questions. Newbies get quickly  annoyed and move back
to Windows after few hostile replies. And I really  can't blame them when it
happens. I've few times also got myself really  annoyed by
the attitude what I've gotten as a response to a simple question.

Best help with linux is own help. Unless one finds that rare
person that has a patience to clarify most simple things.

Feel free to email me directly and ask anything,  I'll do my best to help
well as I can.  But I'm not linux expert.

>Oh well.... one day i'll get it sorted out ;)

Take your time, don't rush!


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