[Dshield] dshield reports

Kenneth Williams ken at kwilliams.org
Mon Jun 24 16:52:06 GMT 2002

He is using a mail package called ATTMail That package predates
modern mail and creates a attXXXXX.txt attachment which is the text of his
and a .dat file which was used by that mail package. In addition it 
converts his sig to an attachment  signature.asc


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> > Why do all of Johannes posts come through as attachments?
> hm. maybe its the PGP signature. I recently switched email
> clients (finally left pine for the GUI client Sylpheed).
> The new client uses attachements for PGP signatures by
> default. Maybe I will switch it to use inline signatures,
> like pine used to prefer.
> (this one is without signature ;-) ).
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