[Dshield] Is this normal?

Ruigrok van der Werven, Jeroen Jeroen.Ruigrok at ben.nl
Tue Jun 25 10:40:53 GMT 2002

> I've heard the same things too, Antti.  About MS programs 'calling home'
> they can see who's using pirated software.  Never knew if it was true or
> not, still not sure, but i believe it's likely. (knowing MS after all and
> all the things they try to do).

It is true.

Just get yourself a packet sniffer (perhaps Ethereal
[http://www.ethereal.org/] is ported to Win32 as well) and just
log when you start up some applications you think are suspecious.

> I saw on Tech TV about how MS wants to make a way so that if you're
> a MS OS, you can only use MS software products.
> I'd definetly switch to linux then. (Still would like to switch to linux,
> but that means i'd have to give up so many programs i use that aren't made
> for lin.)

Or NetBSD, or OpenBSD, or FreeBSD, or...  Just try then, see what you like
I started with Solaris and Linux and wound up in the BSD `camp' of OS's.
having done only Windows and Netware mind you.

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