[Dshield] RE: Any threats here?

Michael Johnson mike at holmesandturner.com
Tue Jun 25 14:17:33 GMT 2002

Most of these are nimda and code red worms, which are not dangerous for
Apache. I highlighted a few that may be a problem:

> /users
> /squirrel
Not sure about these two. do these URLs exist?

> /cobalt-images/welcome2.gif
This may be an attempt to find out if the machine is a cobalt raq or
cube. They have some special problems people sometimes exploit.

> /favicon.ico
most browsers these days look for 'favicon.ico' to include it in the URL
bar or bookmark. No threat.

> /request/failed/index_failed.htm
hmm. not sure what this is about. Maybe someone wants ot get the banner
your web server spits out for failed requests? Sometimes these banners
are telling...

> /~administration
don't know for sure about this either could be someone lookup for an
admin interface.

> /cgi-bin/formmail.cgi
This is a 'classic': There is a widely spread 'frommail' script people
use to email results from a form submission to a user. However, these
scripts have the problem that they also allow spamers to send mail to
arbitrary addresses.

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