[Dshield] bug submission + feature request

Anton M nyfiken24 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 25 18:12:14 GMT 2002

I actually found the description approaching it from the 10 hottest ports. Its just that the description isn't linked right. FYI it was 27374 a subseven port. 
Ok I have more things I wonder about if thats ok. Could you fix these two links too:
1. In page http://www.dshield.org/clients/schedule_client.html the link to login page is wrong near bottom.
2.I n page http://www.dshield.org/mytargetport.php?ip=1080 (any portnumber) the link on the ports link to e.g. http://www.incidents.org/detect/port_list.php?port=4113 Another 404, page not found error. 
And I have a few more suggestions: 
When viewing your report, when you click on a port you go to the port summary for all your reports. there is no information about this, what I was looking for there was information about the specific port I clicked.I think this excellent summary should be moved elsewhere. 
I think when logging in, you should go directly to the reports page, not the update profile page! 
What happens if I forget my ID number. I don't see a "forgot your ID? let us send ID e-mail to you" link. just a sign up link. you should add that, I get so nerveous every time I open the configure page. :)

I was afraid I would only be able to see the last items I sent in my report as it says 'see the last 50 log lines you submitted' in the profile page. Well, I can browse through all my over 10000 lines. It's great Thank you. 
Thanks for the excellent service. It even warns about misconfigurations. the blue dots. I got true warnings 
ANd I wonder:. 
I would like to write my own client. and I would like to support different log formats. Is there any possibilty to get source code for existing parsers to and from dshield format? 
Are you happy with the choice of format? does it support all fields on other formats? 
Isnt there a danger people send in fake reports? 
The mail list is sending me the mails in batches. they don't come when they are sent. they come 3 or 4  one after another. Is it because the mail server is overloaded or is it programmed that way? shouldnt it send every new mail to all (who dont want daily digest) and then proceed to next new mail? instead of sending 3-4 to each user at once? 
ok, thanx bye. anton

 Johannes Ullrich wrote: 
> the link is to: http://www.dshield.org/myprotocol.php?proto=6 and it says sorry the page could not be found.

have to fix this. this page doesn't exist yet :-(

> Further more, I have entries where there is a red danger sign on. but there is no information about why that port is dangerous. I would like to have port desciptions.

Which ports are these in particular? I will add some descriptions 
for them.

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