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Stigers, David dstigers at KACO.org
Tue Jun 25 20:27:22 GMT 2002

    We are still getting them, as well. We have received email from folks
who have received the infected email from someone else's spewing. We are
locked down pretty tight and do not allow those types of files in through
the firewall and then have a great package of anti-virus in different levels
from Mcafee.
    Still does keep comin'...

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I just want to take a quick poll, is everyone/anyone else still seeing Klez
attachments?  Some days I see a few maybe 5 or so but today I've received
about 30 of them.  It's just getting annoying, is there anyway to truly
locate the infected machine?   I just love it when an attachment comes in
saying it's from one of my users to another one of my users and the
attachment is infected.

Thanx, Paul  

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