[Dshield] Klez

Dave Goodrich dave at pixelhammer.com
Wed Jun 26 14:30:54 GMT 2002

30 a day?, my postmaster address is getting over a thousand a week in klez
bounces. We are a small ISP with only 3500 accounts and 200 domains. We
are currently experiencing overwhelming traffic due to Klez with some
users having to ask us to delete their email boxes due to maxed quotas in
Klez attachments.

My new priority is to finish a new mail server with Spam and Virus
scanners installed.

Am I seeing more Klez? Oh yea baby it's growing day by day in Indiana. We
have a lot of rural customers who either don't have virus protection or do
not keep it up to date. My tech support is spend a lot of time just
shutting off infected accounts when we can find them.


On Wed, Jun 26, 2002 at 09:53:24AM +0100, Divagaran wrote:
> KlezI am also still recieving 10 to 20 a day
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> I just want to take a quick poll, is everyone/anyone else still seeing Klez
> attachments?  Some days I see a few maybe 5 or so but today I've received
> about 30 of them.  It's just getting annoying, is there anyway to truly
> locate the infected machine?   I just love it when an attachment comes in
> saying it's from one of my users to another one of my users and the
> attachment is infected.
> Thanx, Paul

My other computer is your Windows machine...

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