[Dshield] Re: Kornet.Net

John Kimbler kimblerj at naples.navy.mil
Fri Mar 1 07:46:50 GMT 2002

Hey Johannes,
The military in Korea may not have a choice: Odds are Kornet is one of the
few, and possibly the only ISP. Military families rely heavily on email to
stay in touch with their husbands, wives, fathers and mothers when they
deploy. Blocking Kornet due to a few (L)users who are hacking would be a
serious blow to American families in Korea...


I wonder if it is a good idea for american military personnel
to use a hacker haven as their ISP. Sure, its only personal
ISP accounts (so I hope). But still, not a good idea IMHO.

Also, if this is a significant group of customers to Kornet,
maybe some pressure from that side would help.

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