[Dshield] RE: [Shield] Re: Kornet.Net

Lane Weast lweast at leeclerk.org
Fri Mar 1 17:39:36 GMT 2002

> Perhaps we (the Dshield community, news.admin.net-abuse.*, et. al.)
> should take our concerns to the Military admin community. They may be
> able to apply pressure on Kornet that will result in the 
> problems being
> resolved without resorting to a blacklisting. Frex: "So long as Kornet
> remains hospitable to those attacking computing systems 
> worldwide, U.S.
> Military personnel will not be allowed to use Kornet as their ISP." 

This may work. 
In Miltary Base towns it is not uncommon to have a list of local business'
that are black listed from Military Personnel patronage. Usually this is due
to repeatedly
ripping off military personnel and their family's. There is no true
enforcement of the black list
other than that if you or your family use a black listed business and get
ripped off you might not get any help from the military. It's an I told you
so situation. 
US Military personnel are routinely held accountable for the actions of
their resident family members, though a violation of a direct order does not
apply if a family member did the deed.

Lane Weast
Programmer Analyst I
lweast at leeclerk.org


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