[Dshield] security appliance etc?

Mark Guiney froynlaven at gmx.net
Fri Mar 1 20:16:52 GMT 2002

I received this from a friend of mine.
I'm searching the web for details with which to answer, but that's no
substitute for input from someone with real-world experience with these

Thanks in advance for any help!
-Mark Guiney

-------- Original Message --------
"Hey all, just looking at a quote sans prices that someone gave a firm
for replacement computers and adding a server with SBS."


"I am totally unfamiliar with and clueless about the following section
from the competition's quote and wondered if anyone could light as to
what the stuff and, how it works, whether it's good, etc.  Here's what
is listed:
Internet Security:
Nokia IP71 Base System Security Appliance includes UPS & poer cord for
Nokia Access Service Package (1 Year)
 - Software subscription for IPSO software
 - NBD advanced replacement
 - Technical support for 3rd party application
Checkpoint Firewall - 1 Small Office (25 IP)
Checkpoint Software Subscription FSO-25
Any clues or feedback?  Anyone?"

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