[Dshield] Re: Kornet.Net

Malcolm Joosse malcolm at hotlinesupport.com
Mon Mar 4 01:00:12 GMT 2002

The problem is not with ISP's blocking Kornet.net but with Kornet
ignoring our repeated warnings about the abuse comming from their
network. If they do not want to be alianated from the net they should
sort themselfs out first and give us a glimmer of hope that they have
half an idea on how to run a ISP responsibily.  We are only acting in
the best intrests of our users.
Why should we allow these morons to operate in a pathetic way and
continue to suffer the spam,hacks and probes from their network.
I say block the bastards and let them one wake up and operate properly.

Remember the internet has no real laws, so united we stand !!!

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