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John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Mon Mar 4 17:52:25 GMT 2002

On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 17:00, Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> I say block the bastards and let them wake up and operate properly.

Agreed, but it needs some structure.

A few ideas in this vein, Johannes:

1. put up a "dshield shunning" (I'm reluctant to say "death
penalty"...:) vote page so that we can vote on this (and on similar
blacklistings in the future) - if nothing else, it'll be amusing. More
importantly, we can put up data supporting the position that the ISP
should be blacklisted so that we can try to convince others to support

2. when an ISP is being considered for this, modify the dynamic banner
to reflect it. Maybe:

"Your ISP is permitting abuse (spam and hacking attacks) by their
customers, and may be subject to blacklisting in the near future because
they do not respond to complaints from the administrators of the sites
being attacked. As blacklisting will interfere with *your* use of the
Internet (and, specifically, your ability to access *this site*) we ask
that you contact your ISP and urge them to adopt an Acceptable Use
Policy prohibiting their users from attacking others, that they respond
to complaints of such abuse, and that they enforce this policy by
terminating the accounts of violators. Your ISP isn't listening to us
when we report that we're being attacked. We hope they will listen to
you when you ask them to behave properly and avoid being blacklisted."

Maybe with a link to the dhshield history of the abuse from their

3. publish the "dshield shun list", a list of IP networks of ISPs to
whom we are applying "social pressure", so that we can automatically

If we do it properly, and community (and possilby the mainstream press
as well) publicizes it favorably, it might become a *very* effective
tool, as effective as the threat of a Usenet Death Penalty. 

We must make every effort to be acting in a calm and considered manner
and be "in the right" morally, and be obvious about it, or we'll just
come off as a bunch of geeks throwing a tantrum.

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