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Neil Richardson neilr at ieee.org
Tue Mar 5 04:28:04 GMT 2002

At 09:52 AM 3/4/2002, you wrote:
>1. put up a "dshield shunning" (I'm reluctant to say "death
>penalty"...:) vote page so that we can vote on this (and on similar
>blacklistings in the future) - if nothing else, it'll be amusing.

    *Insert standard problems with ballot box stuffing, etc.*  I do think 
it's an interesting idea, though--I just hesitate to blacklist an ISP based 
on open elections.  (Does DShield even have shttp ability?)

>2. when an ISP is being considered for this, modify the dynamic banner
>to reflect it. Maybe:


    Nah: that's too big to go onto any banner smaller than 1/4-screen 
size.  Maybe if we put it on a pop-under page it'll get some attention, 
though.  ;-]

    I thought the consensus was that most foreign ISP's don't respond 
because they don't speak English, and thus don't understand the complaints 
admins are sending to them, right?  If so, is it fair to assume that their 
end users will understand such notices any better than they do?

    Even assuming they understand English, will they speak enough 
techno-geek to understand it and why it matters?  (i.e., do "spam" and 
"hacking" mean the same thing in 
__INSERT_NON-ENGLISH_LANGUAGE_HERE__?)  Granted, the more people looking at 
it, the more likely someone will figure it out, but....

    (Some people have mentioned that they've started blocking connections 
from geographic regions; how much success have you had in altering such 
"undesired behavior"?)

-Neil R.

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