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Funny that you should ask--here's a link to a story posted this evening on
slashdot about a group of Chinese legislators feeling the pressure.


Understand that these are not the results of the pressure placed upon that
region by DShield alone, but also by a number of varied groups, most noted
(in the article) being SPAM blackholes.

The funny thing is, (and the reason I got kind-of psyched about reading
this) is that when I first read the snippet below from your message, my
initial mental reaction was the standard pragmatic reply of "these things
take time, small steps to big changes..."  Then I flip over and see a story
with verbage such as:

"A group of Chinese legislators is calling for the blocks to be lifted
because they're making it difficult for them to communicate via e-mail, and
a signed article in The People's Daily is calling on China to ban spam."

When you think about it, that's pretty fantastic.

Now let the reality sink in for a moment, and understand that this story, or
the petition signed by Chinese lawmakers, etc... doesn't mean squat.  Are we
guaranteed that this will solve the problem--no, obviously not.  However it
is simply a very visible reaction to the pressures being brought to bear on
these entire regions, and, if nothing else, makes me inclined to think that
we may be doing something right, or at least, on the right track.

Just my $0.02.


Dave Brookshire
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    (Some people have mentioned that they've started blocking connections 
from geographic regions; how much success have you had in altering such 
"undesired behavior"?)


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