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Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Tue Mar 5 08:42:53 GMT 2002

NR> At 09:52 AM 3/4/2002, you wrote:
>>1. put up a "dshield shunning" (I'm reluctant to say "death
>>penalty"...:) vote page so that we can vote on this (and on similar
>>blacklistings in the future) - if nothing else, it'll be amusing.

NR>     *Insert standard problems with ballot box stuffing, etc.*  I do think 
NR> it's an interesting idea, though--I just hesitate to blacklist an ISP based 
NR> on open elections.  (Does DShield even have shttp ability?)

Well, I personally think that, if an ISP implements the block, it's
as good a statement than a bulletin...

>>2. when an ISP is being considered for this, modify the dynamic banner
>>to reflect it. Maybe:

NR> <_Devil's_Advocate_>
NR>     I thought the consensus was that most foreign ISP's don't respond 
NR> because they don't speak English, and thus don't understand the complaints 
NR> admins are sending to them, right?  If so, is it fair to assume that their 
NR> end users will understand such notices any better than they do?

That's a very good point. If that can help, I'm willing to make the
French translation (if anyone think of putting Wanadoo in the block as
well ;) )

Good luck,

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