[Dshield] Couple of comments on dshield site

Edward M Greshko Edward.M.Greshko at syntegra.com
Tue Mar 5 14:11:35 GMT 2002

Just a couple of comments....

1.  I clicked on the "Are You Cracked" link and it shows an IP address
which is not mine.  It would appear that all port 80 request are forwarded
through a proxy server at my ISP.  The "comments" should note this as a

2.  The IP address of shows a country code of CN.  However,
this is in Taiwan and even the whois reports the country correctly as TW.
Not sure why the change was made but if some folks see their country
changed from US to MX they may take exception.  Hope someone can take the
time to fix it.


Edward M. Greshko                  Technical Manager
                                   Syntegra Asia Region

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