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Jim Tagart Jim.Tagart at bellcold.com
Tue Mar 5 16:36:32 GMT 2002

> <_Devil's_Advocate_>
>     I thought the consensus was that most foreign ISP's don't respond 
> because they don't speak English, and thus don't understand the complaints
> admins are sending to them, right?  If so, is it fair to assume that their
> end users will understand such notices any better than they do?
> <_/Devil's_Advocate_>
	This doesn't help with Asian countries but is a cool free tool

	'One of the machines you are responisble for, has
been attacking our web server, it appears to have the Nimda worm.'

	In German, Norwegian and Spanish becomes...
Eine der Maschinen, die Sie responisble für sind, erscheint
unseren Gewebe Diener, es hat angegriffen, den Nimda Wurm zu haben
En av maskinene som De er responisble for204.201.200.121 har har angrepet
vår vevtjenerdet kommer fram å å ha Nimda. 
Uno de las máquinas usted es responisble para, ha estado
atacando a nuestro camarero de telaraña, aparece tener el gusano de Nimda. 
	Have a good day people and a french puzzle for you all...	
Garder les Protections en haut toujours! 

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