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Brian Burrington Brian.Burrington at LABONE.com
Tue Mar 5 17:35:13 GMT 2002


Would you mind posting the group that you are blocking?
Perhaps others might benefit from your excellent research.
I for one am interested.


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I guess I really started a dialog string here a couple weeks ago. I did not
place my post then abandon everyone, I have been reading and monitoring. I
took great interest in John Hardin's post of 3/4/02, well thought out.
Include me in any collation that may be forming or needs support. I spent
time researching the Asia (APNIC) IP numbers and came up with a group that I
am now blocking which has led to a 80% drop in spam and hacking from Asia.
We do very little business there anyway, but do run a travel site with
clients in Malaysia and Australia so I do need to be careful. I do not
believe Kornet is pro hacker's or pro spam it's just that their arrogance
and lack of response has really started to piss a large number of people
off. (If English is the issue spend a couple bucks and hire someone that
speaks it!)

To our continued success!

G. Thurman
Netprecision, Inc.

(I wonder what rr.com would do if they got blacklisted based on John
Hardin's thoughts, being a local USA ISP that allows a lot of spam and
hacking via their network they might pay attention if we found success in
blocking and entire continent?)

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