[Dshield] Kornet.Net

Jens Knoell jens at ing.twinwave.net
Tue Mar 5 17:52:23 GMT 2002

From: "Jim Tagart" <Jim.Tagart at bellcold.com>
> This doesn't help with Asian countries but is a cool free tool
> http://www.freetranslations.com/
> 'One of the machines you are responisble for, has
> been attacking our web server, it appears to have the Nimda worm.'
> In German, Norwegian and Spanish becomes...
> Eine der Maschinen, die Sie responisble für sind, erscheint
> unseren Gewebe Diener, es hat angegriffen, den Nimda Wurm zu haben

Argh :) Thats a horrible translation to German :)

It's safe to assume german sysops can at least read english to a reasonable
degree. If not, here's a more accurate translation of the above sentence:

"Einer der Rechner fuer die Sie verantwortlich sind,, hat
unseren Webserver angegriffen. Ihr Rechner scheint mit dem Nimda Wurm
infiziert zu sein."

But, as I said - you can just send the complaint in english. They'll
understand it - although they might just ignore it, depending on the admin.


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