[Dshield] Kornet.Net

Malcolm Joosse malcolm at hotlinesupport.com
Tue Mar 5 23:20:27 GMT 2002

While I can understand that a lot of Admins from overseas might not be
able to speak or read english, this should not be an excuse for
If I receive heaps of email in a foreign language from email addresses
such as abuse@ and root@ I would get them converted to engrish(sic)to
see what the problem is.
We all live by rules and if we brake them we can expect the result.  As
the internet has no official rules, its up to us admins to enforce some
basic standards.  We cannot rely on governments to sort out the rules.
There needs to be an Internet Cop that can arbitrate issues and set
standards, so that everyone knows the rules.
My 2c worth

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