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Dr. Aldo Medina aldo_medina at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 5 17:52:43 GMT 2002

Jim Tagart wrote:
> > <_Devil's_Advocate_>
> >     I thought the consensus was that most foreign ISP's don't respond
> > because they don't speak English, and thus don't understand the complaints
> >
> > admins are sending to them, right?  If so, is it fair to assume that their
> >
> > end users will understand such notices any better than they do?
> > <_/Devil's_Advocate_>
> >
>         This doesn't help with Asian countries but is a cool free tool
> http://www.freetranslations.com/
>         'One of the machines you are responisble for, has
> been attacking our web server, it appears to have the Nimda worm.'
>         In German, Norwegian and Spanish becomes...
> Eine der Maschinen, die Sie responisble für sind, erscheint
> unseren Gewebe Diener, es hat angegriffen, den Nimda Wurm zu haben
> En av maskinene som De er responisble for204.201.200.121 har har angrepet
> vår vevtjenerdet kommer fram å å ha Nimda.
> Uno de las máquinas usted es responisble para, ha estado
> atacando a nuestro camarero de telaraña, aparece tener el gusano de Nimda.
>         Have a good day people and a french puzzle for you all...
> Garder les Protections en haut toujours!

The spanish translation sound well, except for the "spiderweb's waiter"
reference :-D

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