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Malcolm Joosse malcolm at hotlinesupport.com
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Do you realise that you have blocked Australia, New Zealand and most of the south pacific with your APNIC block ?
I am feeling isolated from your services :-)
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Brian Burrington,

I have blocked the following with good success, and don't feel we have lost
much in the process, I will always be redefining my list but the firewall
alerts have dropped way off by fine tuning my port blocking and blocking the
following: -> China (Bulk of the hacking seems to come from
this IP block)  -> Korea (Bulk of the hacking seems to come from
this IP block) -> Italy (Yep, they kept banging away at me)   ->  Apnic  (Bulk of the hacking seems to come
from this IP block)

I get some 64.????? hacking but the IP blocks are all over the board, mine
even starts with 64. as well as our servers at the California, Cox.Net
commercial data center and I can't seem to get a handle on the range the
hackers are coming in on.

Good luck...

Grant Thurman
Netprecision, Inc.
714.832.8932 Cell: 714.813.3690

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