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Very true - I've learned over the years dealing with Japanese clients that
it is always our problem
and to smile and apologize, even if the reason they can't get e-mail from us
is that their e-mail
servers are turned off.  Everyone knows what's going on, it's just really
rude to state it outright.
Eventually the e-mail gets through, until then there's always a fax machine.

Sue Young

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> I do not
> believe Kornet is pro hacker's or pro spam it's just that their 
> arrogance and lack of response has really started to piss a large
> number of people
> off. (If English is the issue spend a couple bucks and hire
> someone that
> speaks it!)

Please don't overlook the difference of culture that is also present here.
The admins receiving the abuse mail will be answerable to their manager. It
is almost impossible for them to raise the issue with the manager without
losing face ("we have a problem") or without the manager losing face ("Your
management has led us to having a problem") Without the approval of the
manager nothing will change, regardless of how "right" the cause might seem
to western eyes.

(The appearance of) respect for, and submission to, authority is still a
very strong reality in Korea, and to some exent many other Asian countries.


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