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Perhaps we should all go out and rent "Rising Sun," and buy a set of golf
clubs off of e-bay.

Sorry...just felt the thread needed a touch of levity.  ;)


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On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 01:54, Colin Simons wrote:
> Please don't overlook the difference of culture that is also present here.
> The admins receiving the abuse mail will be answerable to their manager.
> is almost impossible for them to raise the issue with the manager without
> losing face ("we have a problem") or without the manager losing face
> management has led us to having a problem") Without the approval of the
> manager nothing will change, regardless of how "right" the cause might
> to western eyes.

This is a *very* important point. If we want to be effective in this (in
other words, if our goal is to close the open relays and get the hackers
locked out, rather than just venting and blustering and wielding the
P0\/\/3R of a Dshield Death Sentence) then we need to understand this
culture and develop a procedure that works well within it.

If we need to save the ISP manager face in order to get the relay
closed, then let's figure out how to do so.

Is there anyone (else?) with extensive experience in Asian cultures that
can make a recommendation for how to present the complaint and recommend
action in a polite yet effective manner?

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