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Malcolm Joosse malcolm at hotlinesupport.com
Wed Mar 6 23:19:24 GMT 2002

i can understand what you are saying. If you only deal with the USA and never with Asia/Australia why not block them.
My problem is that we deal with everywhere, but I would like to block alot of places, but I cant.
I am so sick to death of spam and hacking from asia,russia and south america.

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I know but what do you suggest we do? I don't have hours every day to clean
up all the mess that the hackers cause coming from the IP range. If you
would like to define the block range I would be happy to re-do my IP blocks.

All I know for sure is the hacking has dropped by 60% - 80% and I don't seem
to have lost much in the way of email, "GOOD" traffic or biz.


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Do you realise that you have blocked Australia, New Zealand and most of the
south pacific with your APNIC block ?
I am feeling isolated from your services :-)
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