[Dshield] Re:Blocking the pacific Rim IPs

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Thu Mar 7 02:47:17 GMT 2002

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Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 07:41:12 +1100
From: Tim <tim.tuck at penrith.net>
To: list at dshield.org
Subject: Re: [Dshield] Kornet.Net
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Grant Thurman wrote ...

>   ->  Apnic  (Bulk of the hacking seems to come
> from this IP block)

I didnt know Australians were so naughty for you to have blocked the
entire country, well its original block of - is
within that range, we do use a few other ranges down here and I'd be
interested in the addresses you've been attacked from.

You might like to fine tune your block statements !

Personally most of my problems come from Korea and Italy.


Tim .... in Australia :)

You are invited to post the exception (or a fine tuned block list)  I , for
one, do not want to block friendly IP ranges, but am desperate to block the
unfriendly ones.

Our servers have not been penetrated (yet) but it is only a matter of time,
I think.


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