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Dave Young dave at boldfish.com
Thu Mar 7 04:20:43 GMT 2002

just an additional analogy after my previous poor post.

lets look at the net as a combined effort to build an international 
space station, it's basically what is happening and has been for years 
now. So let's just say for instance that the Koreans are tasked with 
designing and building all the o-rings needed for this station and each 
country involved is tasked with something else (just like the real 
international station). Unfortunately the o-rings are of poor quality 
and are failing under high degrees of pressure (and just not to single 
out Korea, please insert any country you like into building the rings). 
With this, we have an obvious problem. Justifiably, the Koreans need to 
fix these o-rings for the project to be successful.

here's the point I'd like to make: how Korea goes about fixing the 
o-rings is *irrelevant*, they simply need to be fixed. If there is 
cultural issues, technical issues, money issues, whatever, it doesn't 
matter, they *just* need to fix the o-rings or not participate in the 
space station, it is that simple. In fact, if that really happened, I 
have a feeling that's how the community would react...  just fix it, we 
don't care how you go about it.

so as far as I'm concerned, this hacking\spam thing isn't a cultural 
issue at all. They are a part of the community and if they wish to 
participate, they need to fulfill their part of the bargain or they just 
don't participate. I don't think that should be changed for any country 
no matter what their task, you come to task or you're out.

anyhoo, I'm not trying to argue with any of you, there are far more 
intelligent people on this list than I, but I really feel this issue at 
a high level is this simple. It's up to the Koreans to fix it. We 
certainly can and should help, but it's still their ultimate 
responsibility to fix the problem.

$.04  ;)


On Wed, 
6 Mar 2002, achankey wrote:

> John Hardin wrote:
> > On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 01:54, Colin Simons wrote:
> > >
> > > Please don't overlook the difference of culture that is also present here.
> > >
> >
> > Is there anyone (else?) with extensive experience in Asian cultures that
> > can make a recommendation for how to present the complaint and recommend
> > action in a polite yet effective manner?
> not me, somthing along the lines of:
> (Admin to superior)
> One of our users is causing our Organization to lose face in the global community.
> Our legitimate users may lose access to vast portions of the global market if we allow this action to
> perpetuate.
> just a thought.
> a

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