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John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Thu Mar 7 18:46:48 GMT 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 14:04, Dave Young wrote:
> Since the issue is Asia not being able to send mail
> elsewhere, shouldn't they be the ones conforming to the way other
> cultures work?

The problem isn't so much that Asian ISPs need to adopt a new culture to
accept the idea of closed relays. Having an open relay is generally
accepted as a Bad Thing, and I'm sure that the manager of an Asian ISP
would be receptive to that idea.

The issue is with getting the Asian ISP to accept that they need to
correct the problem. Saying "I made a mistake" is the thing they have
trouble doing, because they lose face.

Am I correct here? I don't really have any direct experience with Asian
culture, so I'm speaking from limited understanding.

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