[Dshield] RE: (Dshield) Reserved Addresses (And $0.02 on Kornet)

Jason Baker jbaker at filonet.ca
Thu Mar 7 21:04:54 GMT 2002

On March 7, 2002 09:16 am, you wrote:
> And for my $0.02 on Kornet...  I find it very hard to believe that the IT
> people at Kornet aren't required to know english.  I've never worked
> internationally, but I was under the impression that if you worked on PCs
> anywhere, you had to know at least a little english.  Sure you can run
> windows in a number of language modes, but that doesn't mean that all
> software supports it.

My experience is that they know a limited set, what's needed to know how to 
get things working, and not necessarily WHY.  Think of it like they're 
uttering magic incantations, and you won't be far off.

And that's just fgor basic functionality, not even touching on the 
development of best practices, tracking emerging exploits, etc.

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