[Dshield] victim of spam-trash

Micheal Patterson micheal at cancercare.net
Fri Mar 8 16:38:53 GMT 2002

If you have access to the logs of mail.webpartner.de you can sort through
the logs to see what Ip sent the original message to eddiecandy2782 at sse.de
and /dev/null that Ip at your router/firewall to stop it.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
Cancer Care Network

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From: "Martin Müller" <mueller at webpartner.de>
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Sent: Friday, March 08, 2002 8:56 AM
Subject: [Dshield] victim of spam-trash

> Hi all,
> we have the following problem.
> A spammer is sending tons of emails with the email-adress
>  as reply-to or mail from in the header.
> The Domain sse.de belongs to a customer from us. (Which isn't the spammer)
> We get serveral thousands emails a day from all in the world with
> errormessages that the mail(spam) isn't delivered because of "unkown user,
> or something else"
> I think the maillist from the spammer is very old.
> In other words, the spammer is sending with our
> emailadress/domain(eddiecandy2782 at sse.de) to i.e. asdf at yahoo.com and yahoo
> is sending the mail to me, that the asdf at yahoo.com is i.e. unkown. The
> yahoo-email-adress is only for example.
> The only thing is, that i have configured this emailadress to be rejected,
> but this does not solve the problem, because with this we are rejecting
> return mails from great companys like yahoo or msn or something else and
> the spammer himself.
> Ive got much emails from concerned users because of spamming, but the spam
> isn't from us.
> What can i do? Has somebody a great idea?
> I have viewed much of this spam, but in all mails is no hint, who it could
> be.
> In the Internet i have found this text
> http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/crypto/2001-q3/0307.html
> which is one of the contents of the mail(but there are much much more)
> The Email-Adress at the end is a fake too, i think.
> Thanks in advance,
> Martin Mueller
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