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Perhaps you will be more at ease if you understood the routing a http
request goes through before reaching the destination.

1, it first contacts the registrar (usually the 10.*.*.* who tells it where
to find the DNS server. Some Registrars allow entry of 4 or more DNS servers

2, It then contacts the DNS server(s) in order to find out the correct IP to
send the request to.

3, Then it sends the request to the proper IP (The one set up in DNS, and
then loads the web page.

This is the cause of that half to one second lag before a particular page
loads for you.

simplified, this means that every time you click on a link, the traffic goes
through these three steps in order to find the site yoou are going to.

You can usually safely ignore packets to and from a 10.*.*.* address.

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> > Yes, ISP's have some interesting routing tricks they do.  For instance,
> home on my cable modem, all traffic is routed through a IP
> address.  I've also noticed occasional connection attempts from similar

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