[Dshield] Getting even.

Sue Young syoung at gcmlp.com
Fri Mar 8 22:23:05 GMT 2002

It's probably not a good idea, but it must be satisfying.

I've been using Trend's Emanager for Scanmail for spam filtering.  My
users were getting so disgusted by porn spam that this was by request.
I use both filtering by phrase and by routing domain.  There are enough
of what I call "honest" spammers that I can really reduce the amount
coming in by filtering domains that are dedicated to spamming.  The
"dishonest" spammers depend on open relays, so I filter by content to
get them.

Once I'm sure no legitimate traffic comes from a domain, I just have
the e-mail server automatically delete everything from the domain. It's
taken a lot of time the last few weeks, but now I spend very little time
with spam.

Of course, I'm not an ISP.  This only works for reasonably sized offices
whose users all hate spam.

Sue Young

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I've about given up on trying to identify the source of SPAM. I have,
come up with a way to get revenge on at least some of the folks who employ 
spammers. I get a lot of offers to invest $X and earn $97 gazillion by
this legal plan". These always have five names and addresses listed. I also 
get a lot of mortgage broker SPAM. These always link a URL with a form to 
fill out. I put these two happy campers in contact with each other. I take a

name and address off the first list, list the police station tel number in 
their home towns as a daytime call number, and sign them up for a mortgage 

The other day, I got an ad for $900,000 worth of something or other on CD
a form to fill in and mail in with a check for $X.  By happy coincidence, I 
also found some free check printing software on the web. Time to marry my 
first list up with these guys. 

You don't have to be a victim. At least not all the time.


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