[Dshield] Getting Even

Molas molas at panamahank.com
Fri Mar 8 23:20:12 GMT 2002

"Your sending these things about, and even reading the HTML based e-mail 
(which some 60+% is) is just going to mean you get more.  And more.  And 

Well, of course, they can see my IP when I go to the URL, but I'm on a dial 
up, and the fact that I'm getting this stuff at all means I'm already on the 
prime lists, so I don't see how that can hurt. I use KMail and keep HTML 
turned off, so don't see how the HTML messages can hurt, as long as I don't 
click on anything. I never do. I always cut and paste a URL rather than click 
it. Am I missing something? 


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