HTML email and spam tracking (was RE: [Dshield] Getting even.)

Mark Guiney froynlaven at
Sat Mar 9 06:53:28 GMT 2002

John Hardin wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-03-08 at 15:10, Clint Byrum wrote:
> > You know, this brings up a really big gaping hole in one of the most (if
> > not *the* most) popular email programs... Outlook/Outlook Express. I
> > don't know about other windows mail programs, but these two don't seem
> > to offer any method to stop downloading images linked to in emails.

I remember when Office/Outlook97 came out and I configured Outlook as my
corp email client I thought it was the best thing since fudge sundaes,
but I was accustomed to ccMail 2.x, 8.x and Notes. A few years on and
many spams later, I have grown to loathe Outlook in all its
incarnations. What's it take to see full headers in Outlook 6.x, 12
clicks?!? And winmail.dat, what's up with that?!? Rhetorical question.
But I digress. Clint, I believe the answer to your question is to 1.
make sure the preview pane is disabled, 2. download your mail, 3. click
on 'work offline' (or some such) on the file menu. I wouldn't stake my
life on it (and I'm certainly not going to launch that piece of shinola
to double-check) but I think that will allow you to view the html mails
without automatically loading any remote graphics, scripts, controls,

> >
> > Sure enough these all have some sort of <DEFANGED_IFRAME
> > src=""> In it.

Too funny!


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