HTML email and spam tracking (was RE: [Dshield] Getting even.)

Ram fblarbastanix at
Sun Mar 10 01:30:51 GMT 2002

I just (re) tested and it's true. The test was copy and paste a page out
of a browser window into a blank email set to HTML format:
-Send the email to myself (from win2k outlook2k to my mail server and
back). Outlook was in offline mode so I had to click send-receive to
dispatch and then retrieve the message.
-viewed the message - image was there - did a view source and the IMG
SRC was an http URL back to the original site (and not inline in the
mime package).

Luck you :-)


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> Sadly the "work offline" thing only refers to outlooks attempts to
> send/receive mail. The o/s is still handling other network activies -
> like pulling images off remote sites to render HTML locally.

Are you sure?  My "work offline" in OE w/ Win98/ME doesn't load

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