[Dshield] Getting Even

Kerry Nice politemadness at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 10 17:42:00 GMT 2002

Change your proxy settings in IE.  If you set it to something like 
localhost:9999 before you read the things you don't want rendered, 
nothing that isn't already on your computer is going to be displayed. 
So, webbugs and things like that are useless.

I realized that using the Juno client.  It uses the IE settings for the 
internet and it oh so helpfully displays any html content with no way to 
disable it and since everything I get at this address is spam, I didn't 
want that.

An even easier way is I use Guidescope to block ads, so my proxy is 
already set to localhost:8000.  I just shut down Guidescope while I'm 
reading those things and restart it when I'm done.


Jeff Miller wrote:
> I only know of a manual method.  Use ZoneAlarm to "lock" the internet before
> opening the message.  Not very elegant, but useful in times of doubt.

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