[Dshield] Re: ZALog.txt

swimmer swimmer at dwhite.ws
Sun Mar 10 19:16:16 GMT 2002

I just upgraded also, and The ZALog.txt is still in the same place and is
updated like always.  Perhaps in setting up, you allowed it to place the new
logs in a different place.   Do a search for ZALog.txt  OR  go into
preferences and make sur the path to your log file is where you want it, and
that logging is turned on.

> Message: 6
> From: "Peter Street" <peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk>
> To: <list at dshield.org>
> Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 21:29:32 -0000
> Subject: [Dshield] ZoneAlarm 3
> Reply-To: list at dshield.org
> Hi all...
> Does anyone know how ZA Pro 3 (Just released, about 3 days ago) stores
> it's logs?  Zalog.txt no longer is updated, and VisualZone isn't pulling
> it in anymore.  I updated (probably unwisely - new software, new bugs)
> and I really like the new style (Although the loss of the toolbar really
> bugs me, I liked that sat on my menu showing things were working...) but
> I can't seem to send any reports!
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