[Dshield] Re: ZALog.txt

Peter Street peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk
Sun Mar 10 22:25:49 GMT 2002

From: swimmer, Sent: 10 March 2002 19:16
> I just upgraded also, and The ZALog.txt is still in the same place and
> updated like always.  Perhaps in setting up, you allowed it to place
> new
> logs in a different place.   Do a search for ZALog.txt  OR  go into
> preferences and make sur the path to your log file is where you want
> and
> that logging is turned on.

I checked the settings.  I'd turned off the archival tag (Someone
mentioned it earlier) which deletes the log file every N days, and it
turned out that with archival turned off, it doesn't update the logs.
Duh - someone at ZA screwed up with *that* one :D

Anyway, it's updating the log (And Dshield) now :D  Thanks to whoever
mentioned that - it works a treat!

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