[Dshield] Hacker Blocks

Grant Thurman root at netprecision.net
Mon Mar 11 17:08:20 GMT 2002

I promised to report on my efforts to advise of my success in coming up with
blocks of hacker haven IP's that I block out without hurting my clients or
biz, here is my latest list, DO NOT USE THESE AS GOSPEL! They work for us,
maybe they can help you...

Please don't complain to me that I am blocking your "Country" out of
revenge. I am only blocking time consuming hack attacks that cost me hours
ever day, contact the ISP's Admin and get them to do something about their
network hacker problems. Keep in mind DShield has sent warnings to a number
of these ISP's and all of us have sent complaints all of which for the most
part were ignored and laughed off.

We all realize that APNIC will do a big fat ZERO about "their" problem:
"apnic-is-a-registry-recheck-your-data-before-emailing at apnic.net", what a

China  -
China  -
China  -
Korea  -
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Denmark  -
Italy  -
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Belarus -

Grant Thurman

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