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Chris Johnson Kris_Johnson at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 23:39:31 GMT 2002

Here's a page with some details;


Last week Zone Labs finally released the long awaited update of ZoneAlarm 
Pro: version 3.0

VisualZone Report Utility is compatible with 3.0. Unfortunately we have 
learned about a problem with the new ZoneAlarm version that can prevent 
VisualZone from operating correctly.
You have to enable the "Archive log text files every .. days" option!
If you disable this option, ZoneAlarm will not write new intrusions to its 
log file and of course VisualZone will no longer be able to add new 
intrusions to the attack list.

We have contacted Zone Labs about this issue and they have confirmed this 
to be a problem in the current version.

Until Zone Labs corrects the problem, please make sure that the archive 
option is enabled.
Open the ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0 window, select "Alerts & Logs" and click on the 
Advanced button:

[It goes on to show you how do make the changes.]

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>Subject: RE: [Dshield] Re: ZALog.txt
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>From: swimmer, Sent: 10 March 2002 19:16
> >
> > I just upgraded also, and The ZALog.txt is still in the same place and
> > updated like always.  Perhaps in setting up, you allowed it to place
> > new
> > logs in a different place.   Do a search for ZALog.txt  OR  go into
> > preferences and make sur the path to your log file is where you want
> > and
> > that logging is turned on.
>I checked the settings.  I'd turned off the archival tag (Someone
>mentioned it earlier) which deletes the log file every N days, and it
>turned out that with archival turned off, it doesn't update the logs.
>Duh - someone at ZA screwed up with *that* one :D
>Anyway, it's updating the log (And Dshield) now :D  Thanks to whoever
>mentioned that - it works a treat!

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