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Try this article out (from Microsoft's support DB):


As an alternative, you could always dump that Exchange stuff get a *real*
mail server (e.g. sendmail) :^)

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> Hi There,
> I have only just signed up to this list after a recomendation from a
> of Web Disucussion list, I have a question, and he though you could all
> me! The Problem is as follows
> Our server here has been targeted for the last week by spammers. Some of
> time the message originates from a Yahoo or Hotmail Account, other times
> they have bloked their address and it is displayed as < >.
> Even though we operate about 40 domain names on this server, everyone (Who
> should) be sending out mail is sending it from a CDentral domain.
> Does anyone know how to block OUTGOING messages unless sent from
> *@ourdomain. We have already been blaklisted by our ISP's twice in the
> week for sending unsolicittated mails evenb thougfh we had no idea what
> happened. Also, 7/10 messages are bouncing back when we send them because
> our ISP Policing what we are sneding out.
> If any one has any alternative ideas, or comments, I would really
> it.
> Any help much appreicated,
> Jim
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