[Dshield] Labrea hacker hanger-upper

Steven Hull sphull at oanet.com
Tue Mar 12 21:43:16 GMT 2002

I think the right website for "LABREA" is www.hackbusters.net instead of

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Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 3:44 PM
Subject: [Dshield] Labrea hacker hanger-upper

> I haven't tried it yet but if it does as promised could solve a lot of
> problems and even put a smile on my face when being assaulted. Funny one
> of you should mention it, we've been being hit hard the past couple days
> too.
> anyway, here is a thing I found called 'Labrea'. You have to check it
> out yourself because I haven't had a chance yet. Now if as promised this
> could be a fun turnaround.
> Labrea, From this website:
> http://www.hackbusters.com
> I'm thinking, because we suffer that all the time too, the constant
> attempts, whether they be real hacks or unrequested slave machine
> queries, doesn't really matter, same category in the end....
> anyway I'm thinking, put the Labrea on a minimum linux server install on
> an old 486 or something, then let that machine be your DMZ.
> The hacks can play with big 0 all day while you slide safely past. Could
> work real well.
> Let me know the results! I'll get mine on soon.

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