[Dshield] yea Labrea must have moved

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Wed Mar 13 04:19:24 GMT 2002

I downloaded it several weeks ago. Got the address I originally sent off 
the techie sheet.

But www.hackbusters.net looks about right.

everyone should put this on. The web would be a hacker's nightmare. Just 
have to figure how to do juussst right.

well at least an old 486 shouldn't cost more than 35.00

Tell me please Tim how to load it just right. Not sure if running it on 
a working system is wise. Seems like it should be a standalone venture. 
I wouldn't picnic under fly paper would you? I want to stick ALL the 
hacks/junk hits and stop all the scanning period, not just catch what 
slips through the wall. It's the scanning that's the problem.


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