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Dave Battey DaveBattey at ORGA.CofC.EDU
Wed Mar 13 18:31:09 GMT 2002

Has anyone had any problems with ZoneAlarm Pro v3.xxx.  I upgraded and
have had very eradic performance as the GUI seems to lock up a lot and
the program settings seem to degrade over a few hours of operation until
the firewall stops allowing applications to pass, loosing a few services
at a time until the server is rebooted.  Then the process seems to begin
, again, with applications becoming blocked over time (including IIS and
other services) until the server is rebooted, again.  Uninstalling and
re-installing the application didi not help at all.   I'm currently
restoring the servers OS drive with last week's backup in order to get
back to the reliablility of the v2.xxx performance.  It's easier than
fighting with this new upgrade.  My recomendation is to wait on the
ZAPro upgrade until ZoneLabs has the bugs worked out in version 3.xx.

:) Dave

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