[Dshield] picnicking under flypaper (or near tar)

Tim Pierce tim at qrsparadigm.com
Wed Mar 13 19:07:51 GMT 2002

Exactly Ellen, "scan over here and DoS yourself"! Just another way of
"fighting back".

But better than amusing, I really believe that if software of this sort was
deployed on a substantial portion of unused address space then mass scans
would be dramatically reduced. If you have the opportunity, I recommend
reading what the author has to say about it, you can find it at
http://www.threenorth.com/LaBrea/ .

Tim Pierce

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> No problem Susan. I actually do "picnic under flypaper" ;-) so to speak,
> that I run it on the same bastion hosts as my MTAs and VPN servers.

You're braver than I am though it is tempting...

> I also pickup all sorts to RPC portmap requests, DNS version
> queries, etc. to machines that don't exist. I gotta admit I derive a
> pleasure from that, knowing that someone out there if being frustrated, or
> wondering what the heck is going on when a portmapper scan that should
> only an instant to complete hangs for twenty or thirty minutes if not
> indefinitely.

You know it just occurred to me that you're taking about a DoS aimmed at
crackers.  Amusing.

Ellen Clary

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