[Dshield] picnicking under flypaper (or near tar)

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Wed Mar 13 19:46:37 GMT 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-13 at 09:52, Ellen Clary wrote:
> > No problem Susan. I actually do "picnic under flypaper" ;-) so to speak, in
> > that I run it on the same bastion hosts as my MTAs and VPN servers.
> You're braver than I am though it is tempting...

I'm working with Tom to see whether LaBrea can be installed on the
bastion host as a TCP server rather than on a standalone tarpit box as a
virtual host. I'd rather run it on my outer firewall and redirect scans
to it, and not let the traffic onto my boundary network at all...

I'll report results.

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