[Dshield] picnicking under flypaper (or near tar)

Erick Brockway ebrockway at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 13 21:15:19 GMT 2002

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	I actually do use the Windows version;
and it seems to hold them connected for an hour or so. Most of the
connections seem to simply be infected machines on autopilot trying
to spread nimda as far as possible. Haven't seen a real hack attempt
with a hacker behind it.
	It'd be nice if there were a little more to the proggie for Windows,
but it seems to fit nicely between the Firewall and the internet,
responding to the connection attempts even as the Firewall blocks
access to my web server.
	If you look around in;
you'll find all kinds of similar tools.
	Here's a good one if you set Perl up on a standalone box;
http://all.net/dtk/ "DTK simply listens for inputs and provides
responses that seem normal (i.e., full of bugs). In the process, it
logs what is being done, provides sensible (if not quite perfect)
answers, and lulls the attacker into a false sense of (your)
	Lol, wish I had a spare box to play with.

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> No problem Susan. I actually do "picnic under flypaper" ;-) so to
> speak, in that I run it on the same bastion hosts as my MTAs and
> VPN servers.  

You're braver than I am though it is tempting...

> I also pickup all sorts to RPC portmap requests, DNS version
> queries, etc. to machines that don't exist. I gotta admit I derive
> a certain pleasure from that, knowing that someone out there if
> being frustrated, or wondering what the heck is going on when a
> portmapper scan that should take only an instant to complete hangs
> for twenty or thirty minutes if not indefinitely.

You know it just occurred to me that you're taking about a DoS aimmed
crackers.  Amusing.

Ellen Clary

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